We deliver institutional DeFi to your doorstep

Unlock the power of DeFi for your company today via our customized software solutions.


Enterprise-grade software solutions

Our team of experienced developers tailor our solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients. With cutting-edge technology and a commitment to security and compliance, we are dedicated to helping institutions unlock the full potential of DeFi and stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving world of decentralized finance.


Robust, reliable, and diverse

Our solutions are built on robust and reliable infrastructure, ensuring high uptime and scalability for our clients. We provide a wide range of services, including smart contract development, wallet integration, decentralized exchange, lending and borrowing platforms, and more.

Ambidex: a Rekursive Labs project

Built on Hedera Mainnet, the Ambidex project leverages the capabilities of Rekursive-built technology

Fintech as a service

  • Tokenization of real world assets
  • Facilitation of lending & borrowing
  • Decentralized exchange and trading

Identity and credentialing as a service

  • KYC and AML software tools
  • Highly customizable on-chain identity solutions

Enterprise grade asset and transaction management

  • Multi-signature protected assets and contracts
  • DLT-facilitated approval workflows

Core Team

Eutak Kong

Eu-Tak Kong
Chief Executive Officer

Eu-Tak is an avid technologist with extensive experience at Microsoft, Google, and Yelp, who has recently embraced the transformative potential of Web3 technology in the realm of traditional finance. Holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University, Eu-Tak's professional journey commenced with his contributions to Microsoft Office and Microsoft Exchange products.

Following this, he founded a startup focused on content generation and search engine optimization. Upon the completion of his entrepreneurial pursuits, Eu-Tak transitioned to Google, where he spearheaded the Mobile Shopping engineering team. In a subsequent role, he assumed leadership of Yelp's Contributions engineering team, which is devoted to augmenting both the quality and volume of user-generated content.

Jason Loh

Jason Loh
Chief Business Officer

Jason brings 25 years of international experience in operations, management, and venture investments. Jason has founded 4 startups and a non-profit, and led M&A, venture, and real estate investments for an investment fund. He has significant industry experience in Web3, e-commerce, real estate, and started his career as an army officer in the Singapore Armed Forces.

Jason is a seasoned Web3 veteran, and served at Swirlds and on the Hedera founding team as their inaugural Partnerships Director, where he helped to recruit members of Hedera’s unique governing council. Jason subsequently co-founded The HBAR Foundation, the premier accelerator and grant-giving organization in the Hedera ecosystem. Jason is presently a Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School, where he is completing his Master in Public Administration degree. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, and a Master in Information Systems Management degree, both from Carnegie Mellon University.

Jason Loh

Joshua Wong
Product Manager

Joshua is a law graduate turned crypto native and Web3 power user. He has been an avid user, investor, and experimenter in decentralized finance applications and NFT projects since 2019.
He holds a Bachelor of Laws from Durham University. When not experimenting with Web3 products and applications, he enjoys snowboarding, boxing, and cool-looking cocktails.

Key advisors

Kenneth Oh

Kenneth Oh

Senior partner at Dentons. Co-head of the firm’s blockchain/fintech practice.

Edgar Seah

Edgar Seah

TradFi expert. Former head of Asset-Backed Trading and Syndication at Merill Lynch.

The Rekursive team brings experience from

Allianz Dentons Google Hedera McKinsey Merrill Lynch Microsoft Swirlds Yelp CMU Durham Harvard MIT NUS